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Critical Care & Anaesthesiology

Department of Anaesthesiology provides all Anaesthesia care to surgical departments of the hospital with experienced consultants. Anesthesia department meets the full preoperative requirements of all surgical patients in the form of preoperative assessment & optimization,care in Operation Theater, Post anaesthesia care unit and intensive care unit. The standard we practice for anesthesia and monitoring is by recent recommendation of American Society of Anesthesiologists for anaesthesia and monitoring. Postoperative acute pain management is done under the supervision of anesthesiologist by qualified and trained staff. Preoperative acute pain is managed by anesthesiologist with multimodal pain control methods.


  • Preoperative Evaluation and Optimization
  • Ultra modern anesthesia delivery system (workstations )
  • Complete monitoring facilities (Including Invasive & Non Invasive)
  • Postoperative recovery unit (10 beds) with full monitoring facilities
  • Postoperative Ventilatory Support care
  • Team of Anesthesia technicians & postoperative Nursing Staff
  • Training programs & teaching facilities for nursing & para medical staff
  • Ultra modern monitoring facilities inform of invasive monitoring(like IBP, PAP monitoring, IABP, Anesthesia gas monitoring , NM monitoring etc)
  • Anesthesia Technician in all O T’s.
  • Recovery staff 1:2 ratio (like ICU)
  • Latest Ventilators in Recovery
  • Fiber optic laryngoscope for difficult in tubation requirements
  • Epidural Pain relief facilities , Epidural infusers & PCA (Patient controlled analgesia)


  • Anaesthesiology department is totally sufficient to meet all type of operative and intensive care requirements of any patient, in the form of comprehensive, compassionate, dedicated, efficient patient care with latest health care techniques.


  • Successful conduction of more than 500 cases under anesthesia every month running 5 theaters and Anesthesia out reach services
  • Conference on Preoperative anesthesia & Critical Care PAMCON 2012 , Conference on Critical Care Criticon 2013 conducted by the department.
  • CPR Training for School Students of 11th and 12th Standard every year.