Patel Hospital, Civil Lines, Jalandhar City, (Pb) India.
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Radiation Oncology

The department of Radiation oncology at Patel Hospital was established in 2005 and is presently staffed unit. Three full time Consultants, two Physicists, Radiation safety officer, five technicians, nursing personnel & reception staff.

We have diagnosed and treated Over 10,000 patients of various cancers including breast cancer, gynaecological malignancies, urological malignancies, head and neck tumors, lymphomas who require radical treatment and also a large number of patients with metastatic disease (bones/brain) in palliative setting. While the first Linear Accelerator of Punjab, a Siemens Primus Linear  Accelerator installed 10 year ago is still one of the workhorses of the department, we acquired another highly advanced radiotherapy machine in June 2015 РTrue Beam with F F F technology which is able to provide patients with standard of care treatment including (IMRT) Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy),  IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy), Rapid Arc (significant reduces treatment time ) & SRT (Stereotactic Radiotherapy ) etc.

The department will soon be launching 18 channel HDR brachytherapy.