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Pharmacy Attendent

Job Specification:

Education: Diploma in Pharmacy
License to practice in Punjab, computer Literate, good verbal and written communication skills is essential.
Experience: 1-2 years

Job Description:

  • To ensure adequate stock of all drugs, disposables and other items being prescribed for the patients.
  • To arrange all the drugs in alphabetical order.
  • To receive the medicine from main store on daily basis after proper verification as per batch printed in the slip.
  • To ensure that all medicines with close expiry date should be taken out of the shelf first.
  • To comply the prescriptions in totality.
  • To be responsible to maintain daily Cash bills and Daily Cash Statement.
  • To send indent for replenishment of drugs.
  • To maintain stocks in order.
  • To store all drugs and disposables as per the instructions given on the carton.
  • To comply with all rules and regulations of Punjab Drug Authority.

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