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Mrs. Kiran Verma


I just can't thank enough each and every one of the staff for all of their dedication. I was very impressed with the dignity and respect with which the nursing...

Mr. Rajkumar Sharma


To summarize my entire experience at Patel Hospital as both an inpatient and outpatient, it was extraordinary. The staff is highly trained professionals...

Mrs. Rashmi


My journey with Patel Hospital started back in 1994. Being from Hoshiarpur, I did not have the best of facilities around to go for regular medical checkups.

Satwinder Singh Walia


I am Satwinder Singh Walia S/o Charanjit Singh Walia from Daliwal Road, Goraya. I am patient of Dr. Joura Vishal, M.D. and i am fully satisfied with the treatment.

Rtd. Maj.- Sukhwant Singh.


Thank you for providing me with a most perfect place to recover from total knee replacement surgery I was so inspired by every single person I came in contact with...

A Cancer Survivor’s Journey with Patel Hospital

Mrs. Rashmi, The Lady with a Long Survival Story and a Golden Heart

My journey with Patel Hospital started back in 1994. Being from Hoshiarpur, I did not have the best of facilities around to go for regular medical checkups. However, I felt a lump forming in my breast but due to no other symptom of illness, I never bothered much about it.

It was when my husband went to Patel Hospital for his Gallbladder operation, I thought of getting myself checked as well. My husband was being treated by Dr. Sharma back then and having full faith in him, I told him my concern regarding the formation of a lump in my breast. As quick as he was, he prescribed me to get a few tests done and after checking them, I was informed that I was going through an early of breast cancer. This did not break my heart but I was not ready for an operation right away due to my daughter’s board examinations. But Dr. Sharma was quite adamant that I should get the treatment done as soon as possible. Due to his and my family’s persuasion, I got ready.

The treatment went fine and since 1994, I call myself a cancer survivor, all thanks to The Patel Hospital and Dr. Sharma for his quick diagnosis and treatment.

But my story does not end here. Since 1994, I have visited Patel Hospital for various other issues and the results and treatments have always been great. I went for a treatment of my Appendix, my heart surgery and an operation for Uterus removal all from Patel Hospital. With great assistance, diagnosis and treatment by Dr. Sharma, Dr. Naveen, Dr. Banerjee respectively, I have been cured and healed at a fast pace.

My interaction with numerous doctors, nurses, ward boys, dietitians and other staff members made me realize how polite and efficient the staff was at Patel Hospital. I was awestruck by the swiftness of the procedures and how well managed everything was. I am totally in debt to the hospital and the team of doctors for making me a healthy person today.

One memory that I have carried forward from the time when I was being treated at the Patel Hospital was that, after seeing me for a few times for different treatments, some of the hospital staff inquired from me about the reason of being strong even though being through so much. My answer to this was — whenever I visit Patel Hospital, I am quite assured that I will be cured and hence I am never nervous before a surgery or any sort of treatment.

For me “Patel Hospital is the best hospital”.

Thank You team Patel, keep the good work up!!

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